Jonelle Maira hails from upstate New York where the lush, natural environs of Lake Ontario clash with the gritty streets and urban experience of her life in New York City's Spanish Harlem. It is this "clash" that provides the basis for her designs. The juxtoposition of these two elements are what gives her jewelry it's signature "elegant, yet tough" look.
   Trained in both traditional and fashion illustration at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, Jonelle Initially worked as a freelance writer and illustrator, however she felt compelled to move her art in a more practical direction. She wanted to create art that served a purpose, this is what pushed her aesthetic towards jewelry design. In her eyes, each unique piece of jewelry is a work of "mobile art". Jonelle has lived and worked in New York City since the summer of 2000.
Drawing inspiration from all aspects of her surroundings, jonelle mingles contemporary devices with the charm of curious vintage objects and antiquities. Poison Apple NYC is an independent label focusing on unique, limited edition items. Each piece is carefully made by hand, one at a time with close attention to detail in her NYC studio. The designs reflect a talismanic quality and as well a timelessness, evident in the handmade aesthetic and emphasis on detail. When you purchase a piece of Poison Apple NYC jewelry, you are getting something truly special to keep for years to come.
   In the past year she has expanded her design to encompass a collection of wedding jewelry as
well as a full line of one of a kind couture cuffs.
Her work has been recieved enthusiastically both in the U.S. and internationally, and has earned her accolades in BUST Magazine.
"Walking a tightrope between hard core and high fashion, Poison Apple NYC offers a touch of class to the tough chicks out there and a dab of danger to the debutants." - Jack Beebee - San Diego, California

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